Bicycle Safety

Safety is a priority with Orange Coast Velo and we want our membership to make it their number one priority during group rides. While in-group rides, each of us has the responsibility of continuously monitoring our actions, the actions of other riders and motorists, and the road ahead. The goal is to have no accidents. That being said please takes time to review OCV's Rules of the Road.

OC Velo's "Rules of the Road"

Call out and point out all objects through the pace line front to rear. If you lead the pack, it is your responsibility to diligently survey the road ahead of you, and call out all objects and dangerous situations, etc. It is not the responsibility of the lead rider(s) to ensure that the rest of the pack hears the call from the front; it is everyone's responsibility to call it down the line.

Ride no faster than conditions allow. Training rides are not Races.

Hold your line. Don't sway! Don't drift! Don't zigzag! NO SUDDEN movements!

Hold a steady pace. Don't cause frantic accelerations and panic braking behind you. Maintain a steady pedal stroke and avoid using your brakes while in the pace-line. To slow down, move out of the pace-line and airbrake.

Don't Overlap Wheels - "double wheeling." (This is one of the single most important moves to avoid & prevent accidents).

Keep your eyes on the road and the riders in front of you while talking. Always be aware of everyone's position and be prepared for evasive maneuvers.

Don't allow a gap to form between you and the riders in front of you.

Don't run red lights; consider the group behind you and their ability to make it through the light safely. Also be careful not to jam on your brakes for a red light. You may cause a pile-up.

Don't run stop signs.

Use hand signals and verbal cues to communicate slowing, stopping and turning.

Don't pass on the right. If necessary, call it out.

Not calling out objects down the line is one of our weak points. It's an accident waiting to happen.

No Headphones are allowed on group rides.

Please help us to make riding as safe as possible. If others offer you constructive criticism, please understand it's for the safety of all of us.