OC Velo – Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I join the club?

We ask prospective members to join us for at least three rides. That gives you an opportunity to see what the club is about. It also gives club members a chance to see how well you fit with the group.

If all works out the club vice president will send you an application, release and jersey order form. Annual dues are $60 and you will find that your dues are returned in the form of general membership pizza meetings and other social activities. The OCV kit can be purchased online after the membership process is completed.

How big is the club?

We have approximately 90 members covering a wide range of age, skills and participation levels. Some members are putting in 200 miles a week and others may only ride a few times a month. We have riders doing double centuries, triathlons, time trials, racing, mountain biking, and fun rides. There is a niche for just about everyone

How much experience do I need?

Our members generally have some road bike experience and are familiar with group riding. We have a policy of not "dropping" riders but it assumes the members have a reasonable fitness level. The best way to judge how you might fit is to join us on the Saturday 8:30 ride. This is usually around a 32 mile ride and generally goes at a moderate pace. If unfamiliar with group riding, it's a good idea to stay toward the back of the group.

What’s expected of club members?

Besides enjoying riding and socializing with a fun group of people we emphasize safety! We expect every member to be mindful of safety and look out for others on every ride. For example here is quick Ride Safety Checklist:

  • Call out and point out all objects through the pace line front to rear.
  • Hold your line.  Avoid sudden movements.
  • Ride no faster than conditions allow.
  • Avoid wheel overlap.
  • Alert riders if you are slowing or stopping.
  • Do Not use headphones on our group rides.


We consider these important enough that a member could be asked to leave the club if they don’t ride safely or put others in jeopardy.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a road bike that is properly maintained and suitable for group riding.  Helmets are mandatory!  We normally expect club members to wear current or past club jerseys during our rides.

What else does the club offer?

We have a variety of activities during the year in addition to regularly scheduled rides.  There are several general membership meetings held with free beer and pizza.  We have a Christmas Party, Summer Picnic, participation in rides like the Amtrak Century, Solvang, etc. and other riding opportunities.  You will also meet some fun people who probably share some similar interests.

How do I start?

Join us for a ride, introduce yourself and have a good time.